Indiana Daily Fantasy Sports 2023. Which Daily Fantasy Sports Sites Allow in Indiana?

Indiana has emerged as a hub for daily fantasy sports (DFS) enthusiasts, offering a thriving and dynamic landscape for sports enthusiasts and gamblers alike. DFS has gained immense popularity in the state, attracting a significant number of players who enjoy the competitive and strategic elements of these games. In this article, we will delve into the biggest Indiana daily fantasy sports scene, exploring the games, regulations, and the impact of legalization. Whether you are a seasoned DFS player or someone new to the world of fantasy sports, this article will provide you with valuable insights into Indiana’s exciting DFS landscape.

Indiana Daily Fantasy Sports

Indiana Daily Fantasy Sports – Moments

  • 🏈 Daily fantasy sports (DFS) have been 100% legal in Indiana since March 2016, designated as a game of skill and exempt from the state’s laws on illegal gambling.
  • ⛔ Contests based on college or high school sports are banned in Indiana.
  • 🌟 Indiana was one of the first states to legalize and regulate daily fantasy sports. Its success or failure may influence other states.
  • 🏀 Popular daily fantasy sports in Indiana include NFL🏈, NASCAR🏎️, NBA🏀, and MLS⚽.
  • 📅 Indiana’s daily fantasy sports legislation is clear, unlike many states, and allows all Indianans over the age of 18 to play.
  • 💰 Gambling winnings from daily fantasy sports are taxable income in Indiana, and both residents and non-residents are required to declare them.
  • ⚠️ It is unlikely that daily fantasy sports’ legal status in Indiana will change, but the legalization of betting on amateur sports could face resistance due to the influence of the NCAA
  • 🔮 The future of daily fantasy sports in Indiana may depend on the wider issue of college sports’ amateur status and the legalization of such betting in other states.
  • Indiana law authorizes ten land-based or riverboat casinos on Lake Michigan and the Ohio River, one land-based casino in French Lick, and racinos at the state’s two horse tracks. In December 2019, two casinos in southern Indiana, Horseshoe Southern Indiana and Caesars Southern Indiana, transitioned from riverboat casinos to land-based casinos.

The Popularity of Daily Fantasy Sports in 

The popularity of daily fantasy sports (DFS) in Indiana goes beyond being a passing trend; it signifies a significant cultural shift driven by the state’s deep-rooted passion for sports. There are various factors contributing to the widespread adoption of DFS in the Hoosier State. One such factor is the diverse range of sports available for DFS participation, allowing fans to engage with their favorite sports in an immersive and strategic manner. Additionally, the thriving DFS landscape has been bolstered by the presence of renowned DFS operators, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for participants. The impact of DFS on Indiana’s online gambling industry has been transformative, providing sports enthusiasts with an interactive platform that enhances their overall engagement and enjoyment.

Top Daily Fantasy Sports in Indiana

A variety of DFS games have gained traction in Indiana, catering to the diverse tastes of sports enthusiasts. The most popular ones include:

NFLDominating the DFS landscape, NFL DFS is immensely popular in Indiana due to the state’s love for football.
NASCARCar racing holds a unique appeal for many Hoosiers, making NASCAR DFS highly popular.
NBAIndiana’s NBA team, the Pacers, contribute significantly to the popularity of basketball DFS in the state.
MLSSoccer is quickly gaining ground in Indiana, and MLS DFS reflects this growing trend.

Each of these sports brings its own set of rules, game structures, and prize pools, contributing to a dynamic and varied DFS environment in Indiana.

The Legalization of Daily Fantasy Sports in Indiana

The legalization of DFS in Indiana wasn’t an overnight occurrence; it’s the culmination of a protracted legislative journey. Traditionally, Indiana maintained a conservative stance on gambling, viewing it with skepticism and caution. However, a watershed moment came in 2016 with the passage of a bill that altered the state’s gambling landscape forever, formally legalizing DFS.

Timeline of Legalization

The road to DFS legalization in Indiana witnessed several key moments. Here is a concise timeline highlighting the significant events:


Daily fantasy sports operators begin operating in Indiana, despite the lack of specific legislation.


The Indiana Gaming Commission declares DFS contests illegal.


The Indiana Attorney General’s Office determines that DFS contests do not meet the state’s definition of gambling, providing some legal clarity.


The Indiana General Assembly passes legislation legalizing and regulating daily fantasy sports. Governor Mike Pence signs the bill into law, setting the stage for a thriving DFS industry in the state.

Impact on Local Sports and Online Gambling

The legalization of daily fantasy sports in Indiana had far-reaching implications for local sports and the broader online gambling industry. The thriving DFS scene in Indiana has sparked increased interest and engagement in local sports, with fans using DFS as a way to interact with their favorite teams and players in a unique and competitive manner.
Furthermore, the DFS industry has contributed significantly to the growth of online gambling in Indiana. By attracting a new demographic of players who are drawn to the skill-based nature of DFS, the industry has expanded the overall online gambling market. This surge in popularity has driven technological advancements in mobile applications and digital platforms, providing more convenient and immersive experiences for players.

The Rules and Regulations Governing Daily Fantasy Sports in Indiana

As with any industry, DFS in Indiana is governed by a set of rules and regulations. These provisions include an age restriction and a prohibition on betting in amateur sports, ensuring fair and responsible gaming practices.

Age Requirements for Participants

To participate in DFS contests in Indiana, players must meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years old. This age restriction aligns with the legal gambling age in the state and helps ensure that participants are of legal age to engage in these games responsibly. It is important for players to comply with these age requirements to maintain the integrity of the DFS landscape.

Compared to other states, Indiana’s minimum age requirement for DFS participation is relatively consistent. However, it’s always essential for participants to check and adhere to the specific age requirements set forth by DFS operators and their respective state regulations.

Limitations and Prohibitions

While daily fantasy sports are legal in Indiana, certain limitations and prohibitions exist to protect the integrity of the games and mitigate potential risks. Notably, the state imposes a ban on betting on amateur sports events through DFS platforms. This prohibition helps preserve the amateur sports landscape and prevent any potential exploitation or integrity concerns arising from amateur competitions.

Indiana’s ban on amateur sports betting distinguishes DFS from traditional sports betting, which is legal in the state. The distinction ensures that DFS remains focused on professional sports events and maintains its skill-based nature.

The Future of Daily Fantasy Sports in Indiana

Looking ahead, the future of daily fantasy sports in Indiana appears promising, building on the current thriving landscape. Several factors contribute to the potential growth and development of DFS in the state.

Growth Prospects

The continual advancement of mobile applications and digital platforms provides a solid foundation for the growth of DFS in Indiana. As technology evolves, players can expect more user-friendly interfaces and enhanced features, offering an even more immersive DFS experience.

Additionally, potential regulatory changes and ongoing legislative discussions surrounding online gambling and sports betting may further shape the DFS landscape in Indiana. As neighboring states observe Indiana’s success, they may consider emulating the state’s approach, leading to a broader regional acceptance and expansion of DFS.

Influence on Other States

Indiana’s success in legalizing and regulating daily fantasy sports has the potential to influence other states’ decisions regarding DFS legislation. The state’s proactive approach in establishing clear guidelines and fostering a thriving industry serves as a model for other jurisdictions.

Already, several states have followed Indiana’s lead and enacted legislation to legalize DFS, recognizing the skill-based nature of these games. Indiana’s impact on the wider DFS landscape underscores the industry’s ability to evolve and gain acceptance beyond its initial boundaries.

Indiana Gaming Commission and DFS Regulation

The Indiana Gaming Commission has played a crucial role in the regulation and oversight of daily fantasy sports (DFS) within the state. The Commission’s involvement in granting approvals and licenses ensures that the industry operates with integrity, transparency, and fairness. Notably, the Indiana Gaming Commission has granted licenses to prominent DFS operators such as DraftKings and FanDuel, further legitimizing the industry.

DraftKings and FanDuel are among the leading DFS platforms in Indiana, offering a wide variety of contests and games for sports enthusiasts. With the Indiana Gaming Commission’s stringent regulations, these operators adhere to a strict code of conduct that guarantees the protection of players and maintains the competitive nature of DFS.

Through its regulatory oversight, the Indiana Gaming Commission ensures that DFS contests are conducted in accordance with the law and in alignment with the state’s commitment to responsible gaming. This has played a pivotal role in enhancing the credibility and growth of the DFS industry in Indiana, making it an example for other states to follow.

Indiana’s Groundbreaking Legislation on Daily Fantasy Sports

The state of Indiana has been a pioneer in the legalization of daily fantasy sports, setting an example for other states in recognizing DFS as a skill-based game rather than a form of gambling. This distinction was emphasized when Indiana legalized daily fantasy sports and was officially signed into law by Governor Mike Pence in 2016.

The legal recognition of DFS in Indiana not only created opportunities for fans to participate in various sports contests but also paved the way for a new and vibrant industry within the state. By crafting clear and well-defined legislation, Indiana’s approach to DFS regulation has inspired other states to consider similar legalization, reaffirming the legitimacy of DFS as a game of skill rather than chance.


Indiana’s daily fantasy sports scene has evolved into a thriving and dynamic landscape, attracting sports enthusiasts and gamblers alike. The popularity of DFS has grown exponentially, offering exciting opportunities for fans to engage with their favorite sports and compete for cash prizes. With the legalization of daily fantasy sports in 2016, Indiana solidified its position as a trailblazer in the DFS industry.

As the DFS landscape continues to flourish, Indiana’s commitment to maintaining fair play, player protection, and responsible gambling ensures a vibrant and sustainable future. Stay tuned for future updates on the biggest Indiana daily fantasy sports scene as it evolves and embraces new possibilities.



Yes, daily fantasy sports are 100% legal in Indiana. The state legalized DFS in March 2016, recognizing it as a skill-based game.

The Indiana Gaming Commission regulates daily fantasy sports in Indiana, granting licenses to operators and ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations.

Yes, both DraftKings and FanDuel are licensed by the Indiana Gaming Commission and operate legally within the state.

DFS was legalized in Indiana in 2016, when a bill was passed by the Indiana General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Mike Pence.

Players must be at least 18 years old to participate in daily fantasy sports contests in Indiana.

Yes, gambling winnings from daily fantasy sports are considered taxable income in Indiana, and both residents and non-residents are required to declare them.