Casinos in Colorado 2023: Detailed Examination

Casinos in Colorado in 2023 are shining examples of the state’s rich gambling history, which evolved from modest saloon card games to a robust casino industry. Renowned for its magnificent landscapes and vibrant cities, Colorado is equally noted for its exquisite casinos that draw both local and global gamblers. Our exploration will guide you through the evolution of Colorado’s gambling culture, highlight its standout casinos, and glimpse into the promising future of this thriving sector.

Casinos in Colorado

Casino in Colorado

Ameristar Casino Black HawkBlack HawkGilpin
Bally’s Black Hawk EastBlack HawkGilpin
Bally’s Black Hawk NorthBlack HawkGilpin
Bally’s Black Hawk WestBlack HawkGilpin
Black Diamond Casino and SaloonCripple CreekTeller
Brass Ass Casino of Cripple CreekCripple CreekTeller
Bronco Billy’s CasinoCripple CreekTeller
Bull Durham Saloon and CasinoBlack HawkGilpin
Century Casino Central CityCentral CityGilpin
Century Casino Cripple CreekCripple CreekTeller
Colorado Central Station CasinoBlack HawkGilpin
The Lodge Casino at Black HawkBlack HawkGilpin
Monarch Casino Black HawkBlack HawkGilpin
Sky Ute Lodge and CasinoIgnacioLa Plata
Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & ResortTowaocMontezuma

Historical Context of Casinos in Colorado

Gambling in Colorado dates back to the 1800s when pioneers engaged in saloon card games. However, it wasn’t until 1991 when the state finally sanctioned “limited stakes” gambling in the historic mining towns of Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek, thereby opening the doors for the casino industry. Colorado’s casinos, now regulated by the Colorado Department of Revenue, generate substantial revenue, making it a major player in the state’s economy.

The Rise of Brick-and-Mortar Casinos

The journey of physical casinos in Colorado is a tale of transition from underground gambling dens to legal establishments. The legalization of limited stakes gambling in 1991 marked the beginning of Colorado’s brick-and-mortar casinos. The term “limited stakes” initially meant that the maximum bet was $5 and only a certain number of games could be played, but these restrictions have since been eased, allowing for more robust gaming options and higher betting limits.

Online Gambling in Colorado Today

While online casinos are not currently legal in Colorado, the state has made significant strides in the realm of online gambling. Notably, sports betting was legalized in May 2020, with many hoping this heralds a future expansion into online casino gaming. While we wait for further legislative changes, Coloradans and visitors can enjoy an array of sports betting options online.

Spotlight on Colorado’s Biggest Casinos

Colorado’s vibrant casino scene spread primarily across Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek, promises a world-class gambling experience. These casinos offer a wide variety of games, including slot machines, poker, roulette, and blackjack, not to mention top-notch hospitality services.

Black Hawk Casinos

Nestled just a short drive away from Denver, Black Hawk is home to some of Colorado’s most renowned casinos. This historic mining town now thrives as a premier gambling destination, featuring large and luxurious establishments. The casinos in Black Hawk captivate visitors with their stunning architecture, a wide array of slot machines and table games, and vibrant nightlife options.

Central City Casinos

Situated in close proximity to Black Hawk, Central City offers a distinctive charm and a quieter gambling experience. Known as the “Richest Square Mile on Earth” during the gold rush era, Central City houses several smaller casinos with their own unique character. These casinos provide an intimate setting and a friendly ambiance, making them popular among those seeking a more relaxed gambling environment.

Cripple Creek Casinos

Located in the heart of Colorado’s scenic mountain vistas, Cripple Creek is another remarkable gambling destination. With a rich history rooted in mining, the town now showcases a collection of casinos that bring excitement and entertainment to the area. Cripple Creek’s casinos feature a mix of historic architecture and modern amenities, providing visitors with an authentic and immersive gambling experience.

Comparison of Colorado’s Biggest Casinos

To give you a better understanding of the various offerings, here’s a comparison table highlighting the biggest casinos in Colorado:

Ameristar Casino

Luxurious Resort: Ameristar Casino Black Hawk is a premier gaming and entertainment destination. It is housed in a towering mountain lodge-style hotel that has over 500 guest rooms, many with panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.
Variety of Games: The casino floor is packed with a wide variety of games, including more than 1,250 slot machines, over 40 table games including blackjack, craps, and roulette, as well as a dedicated poker room.
Amenities: Apart from the casino, the resort also features multiple dining options, from upscale eateries to casual dining and quick bites. There’s also a rooftop pool and a full-service spa for guests seeking relaxation. In addition, Ameristar Casino hosts a variety of live events and concerts to provide entertainment beyond gaming.

Monarch Casino

Expansive Gaming Floor: Monarch Casino Black Hawk features an expansive casino floor with a large selection of the latest slots, video poker, and table games, including blackjack, craps, roulette, and more.
Luxury Hotel: The resort has a luxury hotel that offers a variety of rooms and suites with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The design is intended to evoke the sense of a mountain retreat while still providing a modern, upscale ambiance.
Dining and Amenities: The resort offers multiple dining options, including a buffet that’s particularly noted for its seafood and prime rib selections. Other amenities include a full-service spa and a fitness center. Monarch Casino also frequently hosts live entertainment and special promotions for club members.

Grand Z Casino

Gaming Offerings: Grand Z Casino Hotel offers an impressive array of gaming options. It houses hundreds of slot machines, ranging from traditional reel slots to video slots and video poker. Table games include blackjack, craps, roulette, and more. The casino is also known for its live music and entertainment, providing guests with a comprehensive gaming experience.
Accommodation: The Grand Z Casino Hotel has more than 100 well-appointed rooms, many with spectacular mountain views. The rooms are designed with comfort in mind and are equipped with modern amenities.
Dining Options: The hotel features multiple dining venues, including the Grill, which serves traditional American fare, and the Z Cafe, known for its casual, comfortable environment. It also houses a popular bar where guests can enjoy a variety of cocktails, wines, and beers.
Location: The Grand Z Casino Hotel is located in Central City, a historic mining town in Colorado. The town itself is a tourist destination, known for its well-preserved 19th-century architecture and numerous summer festivals.

Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino

Gaming Experience: The Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino offers a broad range of gaming options spread over two spacious floors. It is home to a large variety of slot machines and video poker. It also houses the largest poker room in town, featuring several live games including Texas Hold’em and Omaha.
Accommodation: The hotel provides cozy and comfortable accommodations. The rooms at the Midnight Rose are themed and furnished to depict the charm of Victorian-era Cripple Creek while providing modern amenities.
Dining: The Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino features several dining options, including the Down Under restaurant located in the lower level of the casino, known for its prime rib and seafood. There’s also Dynamite Dick’s on the upper level of the casino, which provides a more casual dining experience with a variety of options.
Historic Location: Cripple Creek, the home of Midnight Rose, is a former gold mining camp located southwest of Colorado Springs. It is known for its gold-mining history and its well-preserved 1890s-era architecture, making the location itself a tourist attraction.

Wildwood Casino

Gaming: Wildwood Casino offers a comprehensive gaming experience with hundreds of slots and a selection of table games. It features traditional reel games, the newest video slots, and progressive machines along with classic table games such as Blackjack, Poker, and Roulette.
Hotel Accommodation: Wildwood Casino has its own hotel, the Gold King Mountain Inn, which offers comfortable and well-equipped rooms. In addition, as of 2021, Wildwood was building a new hotel, Wildwood Hotel, designed to offer even more upscale accommodations with amenities including a fitness center and rooftop bar.
Dining: The casino has several dining options, from quick bites at Woody’s Sports Bar & Grill to a more relaxed dining experience at Maverick’s Buffet. The menus range from casual fare to higher-end offerings.
Location: Situated in Cripple Creek, a former gold mining camp, Wildwood Casino is located in a historical and picturesque part of Colorado. The location offers guests a unique blend of history and modern entertainment.

Game Selection Across Casinos

Colorado’s biggest casinos offer an extensive selection of games to cater to different preferences. From classic slot machines to thrilling table games, visitors can indulge in a variety of gaming options. Some casinos even host poker tournaments, adding an extra level of excitement for card enthusiasts.

Hospitality Services at Casinos

Apart from the exhilarating gaming experiences, Colorado’s biggest casinos prioritize hospitality services to ensure guests have a memorable stay. Many casinos feature luxury hotels, providing comfortable accommodations with stunning mountain views. Additionally, visitors can enjoy diverse dining options ranging from casual eateries to fine dining establishments, along with entertainment venues and spas to enhance their overall experience.

The Future of Casinos in Colorado

The future of casinos in Colorado is likely to be shaped significantly by online gambling. While Colorado has already embraced online sports betting (like DFS), the potential legalization of online casinos could transform the state’s gambling scene.

The Potential of Online Casinos

With the increasing popularity of online gambling platforms, the potential for online casinos in Colorado is significant. Should legislation expand to include online casinos, enthusiasts would have access to a broader range of gaming options and the convenience of playing from their own homes. This expansion could attract a new wave of players and generate additional revenue for the state.

Impact on Land-based Casinos

The advent of online casinos may bring about a shift in the landscape of land-based casinos. While online gambling offers convenience and accessibility, land-based casinos have the advantage of providing a unique and immersive experience. The introduction of online casinos may prompt land-based establishments to adapt and innovate to maintain their appeal and competitive edge.


Indian Casinos in Colorado

While many associate casino gambling in Colorado with the historic mining towns, there are also thriving Indian casinos that offer exciting gaming experiences. Sky Ute Lodge and Casino in Ignacio and Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & Resort in Towaoc are two such examples, operated by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe and the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe respectively.

Sky Ute Lodge and Casino is a popular destination not only for its casino, which offers hundreds of slot machines, blackjack, and poker but also for its luxury resort facilities. These include a hotel, spa, and a variety of dining options, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a comprehensive entertainment and relaxation experience.

Similarly, Ute Mountain Casino Hotel & Resort is known for its round-the-clock gaming options, including slots, table games, bingo, and poker. The resort also offers comfortable accommodations, casual dining, and even an on-site travel center for convenience.

These Indian casinos are governed by the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act and offer some unique experiences in the Colorado gaming scene.


Colorado’s biggest casinos offer an enchanting blend of entertainment, gaming options, and luxurious amenities amidst the stunning mountain scenery. From the bustling casinos of Black Hawk to the historic charm of Central City and the scenic beauty of Cripple Creek, each destination provides a distinct gambling experience. As the state explores the possibilities of online gambling, Colorado’s casino industry may undergo further evolution, ensuring an exciting future for gambling enthusiasts and the tourism industry alike.



As of July 2023, online casinos are not legal in Colorado. However, online sports betting was legalized in May 2020, indicating a possible future expansion into online casino gaming.

The biggest casinos in Colorado are primarily located in Black Hawk, Central City, and Cripple Creek.

Some of the biggest casinos in Colorado include Ameristar Casino Black Hawk, Monarch Casino Black Hawk, Grand Z Casino, Midnight Rose Hotel & Casino, and Wildwood Casino.

Colorado's biggest casinos offer an extensive selection of games, including slot machines, poker, roulette, and blackjack. Some casinos even host poker tournaments for added excitement.

Beyond gaming, these casinos offer a range of amenities such as luxury hotel accommodations, diverse dining options, entertainment venues, and spa facilities.

The future of casinos in Colorado may be significantly influenced by online gambling. While online sports betting is already legalized, the potential legalization of online casinos could transform the state's gambling scene, prompting land-based casinos to adapt and innovate.