Casinos in Alaska: Your Ultimate Guide for 2023

In the rugged wilderness of the Last Frontier, the allure of Alaska’s biggest casinos offers a distinctive experience for both residents and tourists. This unique blend of untamed wilderness and high-stakes excitement captures the essence of the state, offering a gamut of gambling experiences, ranging from traditional brick-and-mortar casinos to the digital convenience of online platforms. 

As we delve into the intricate world of Alaskan casinos, we will unravel their historical context, the native tribes’ involvement, and the top casinos that constitute the crux of the industry, all while adhering to the strict regulations in place.

The significance of casinos in Alaska is not merely limited to entertainment and recreation; they also contribute to the state’s revenues, supporting a myriad of social programs and tribal initiatives. The expanse of Alaskan casinos, their legal underpinnings, their role in the state’s economy, and the prospect of online gambling offers an intricate mosaic that requires thoughtful exploration.

Casinos in Alaska

CasinoGames OfferedSpecial Features
Eagle River Bingo and CasinoBingo, Pull TabsFull-service Bar
Tudor Bingo CenterBingoSenior Discounts
Native Village Barrow Pull TabsPull TabsCommunity Events
Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo CenterBingo, Pull TabsRegular Special Events
Tlingit And Haida Community Bingo CenterBingo, Pull TabsCommunity Center

Overview of Alaska Casinos

Alaska’s stance on gambling is generally conservative, with only a handful of exceptions allowing gambling activities within its borders. While casino gambling is not legal in the mainstream, some native American tribes operate casinos on their lands, primarily offering bingo and pull tab games, pursuant to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA).

Native American Casinos in Alaska

In a unique interplay of culture and commerce, Native American tribes in Alaska have carved out a niche for themselves in the gaming industry. These casinos not only cater to gamblers but also preserve and promote native traditions. While the offerings might not mirror those of Las Vegas-style casinos, the appeal of these establishments lies in their distinctive ambiance and the cultural experiences they offer alongside gaming.

Online Gambling in Alaska

Despite the limited presence of physical casinos, the prospect of online gambling in Alaska presents an avenue for expansion. At present, online gambling is not explicitly authorized by state law, yet Alaskans can access various offshore online casinos, given the lack of specific prohibitions against such activities.

Reviews of the Top Casinos in Alaska

Alaska’s largest casinos offer varied gaming options, each with their unique attributes that lend them an unmatched appeal. Here, we delve into the top five casinos in Alaska, providing a comprehensive review of their offerings, atmosphere, and special features.

Eagle River Bingo and Casino

Eagle River Casino stands out for its lively atmosphere and robust offerings. The casino offers:

  • A full-service bar
  • Regular bingo sessions
  • Numerous pull-tab games

Tudor Bingo Center

The Tudor Bingo Center attracts patrons with its friendly environment and customer-oriented services, including:

  • Frequent special events
  • Discounts for seniors
  • Variety of food options

Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs

The Native Village Barrow Pull Tabs offers a unique community-oriented gaming experience. It is noted for:

  • An array of pull-tab games
  • Regularly hosting community events
  • Friendly and welcoming atmosphere

Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo Center

The Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo Center offers a vibrant gaming ambiance with:

  • Varied bingo games
  • Frequent special events
  • A community-friendly environment

Tlingit And Haida Community Bingo Center

The Tlingit And Haida Community Bingo Center stands out for its commitment to preserving local culture, while also offering:

  • A variety of bingo games
  • A community center for local gatherings
  • Regular special events

Alaska’s Gambling Revenues

Alaska’s gambling revenues play a significant role in supporting the state’s initiatives and services. They are divided between charitable gaming and Native tribal revenues.

Charitable Gaming Revenues

Charitable gaming in Alaska primarily includes bingo and pull-tab games. These revenues help support social programs, contributing significantly to community initiatives and the state’s welfare activities.

Native Tribal Gaming Revenues

Native tribal gaming revenues not only support tribal initiatives but also contribute to the state’s general fund. They aid in bolstering economic growth and support infrastructure and social services within the tribal communities.

Class II Gaming in Alaska

In Alaska, the primary form of legal gambling available is Class II gaming. Class II gaming, as defined by the Federal National Gaming Commission, includes games of chance such as bingo and related games, as well as card games that are explicitly authorized by state law, or not explicitly prohibited by the laws of the state and are played at the location of the gaming operation. In the State of Alaska, these forms of gaming are mostly confined to tribal casinos operated by federally recognized tribes, with a primary focus on bingo and pull-tab games.

Casino Gambling in Anchorage and Juneau

Alaska’s largest cities, Anchorage and Juneau, do not currently have any land-based casinos offering slot machines or table games, due to the state’s strict gambling laws. However, locals and tourists can still enjoy some gambling action at bingo halls such as Eagle River Bingo & Casino in Anchorage or the Metlakatla Indian Community Bingo Center in the southern part of the state. These venues provide Class II gaming, featuring electronic bingo, pull tabs, and other similar games.

Klawock Casino and Alaska’s Other Gaming Establishments

Outside of the urban centers, the best Alaska casinos can be found. A notable establishment is the Klawock Casino, operated by one of the federally recognized tribes in Alaska. Located in Prince of Wales Island, this venue, like many others, offers Class II gaming options such as electronic bingo machines. Unfortunately, traditional slot machine games and table games are considered illegal in Alaska and are not available in these land-based venues.

Alaska Online Casinos

Despite the limitations in brick-and-mortar establishments, Alaskans have the opportunity to gamble online. This includes engaging in real money gambling, even though Alaska’s gambling laws don’t explicitly allow online casinos. Alaskans can partake in online casino games and online sports betting through offshore casinos that accept US players. These offshore casinos offer a variety of games, from slots to poker, providing a more expansive gambling experience.

While there is no specific legislation for Alaska online casinos, nor is there a dedicated Alaskan online gambling commission, the state does not currently penalize individuals who engage in online gambling at these offshore sites. However, it’s crucial to ensure that any online platform used for gambling is reputable and trustworthy. Some of the best Alaska online casinos offer a wide range of games and betting options, top-notch security, and reliable customer service.

Alaska’s Casino Legislation and Future Outlook

As of now, there have been discussions, but no formal actions or plans, to change the casino legislation in Alaska, either to allow commercial casinos or further regulate online gambling. While some states in the US have embraced the idea of legalizing online gambling to generate more revenue, Alaska has so far maintained its conservative stance towards this form of entertainment.

However, with the rising popularity of online casino gambling and the potential revenue that could be gained from it, it remains possible that Alaskans might witness a shift in the state’s approach to online casinos and real-money gambling. As the debate continues, it’s clear that the future of gambling in Alaska remains a hot topic.


As a seasoned professional in the gambling industry, I appreciate the thoroughness and depth of the exploration of Alaska’s unique gambling landscape in this article. The write-up not only covers the casinos in operation but also navigates the complex regulatory terrain governing them, delivering a comprehensive review of the sector. The cultural nuance brought in by the Native American tribal casinos, the potential of online gambling, and the significance of gambling revenues for state and tribal initiatives is particularly well-articulated, offering a rich overview of the industry’s status quo and its potential.

However, the article rightly emphasizes the conservative stance of Alaska towards gambling, which could potentially hinder the industry’s growth. In my opinion, the state should explore loosening regulations, particularly in the online sector. The digital platform offers immense opportunities for growth, revenue generation, and customer convenience, the benefits of which shouldn’t be overlooked. Such a move would not only propel the local industry but also add a new dimension to Alaska’s tourism offering, which traditionally centers around natural attractions. It’s time to see gambling not just as a revenue-generating activity, but also as a potential tourism driver that can significantly boost Alaska’s economy.



Yes, it is possible to gamble online in Alaska. Although there are no specific Alaska online casinos sanctioned by the state, Alaskans can access offshore online gambling sites that accept US players.

Alaska does not have traditional commercial casinos with slots or table games. However, there are several gaming establishments operated by Native American tribes that offer bingo and pull-tab games, known as Class II gaming.

Class II gaming, primarily bingo and pull-tabs, are legal in Alaska. These games are mostly offered by Native American tribes in gaming facilities across the state.

As of the current information available (July 2023), sports betting is not legal in Alaska. However, Alaskans can access online sports betting through offshore websites.

As Alaska does not regulate online casinos, players usually turn to offshore online casinos. While "best" is subjective and depends on individual preferences, some reputable online casinos include sites like Wild Casino, which is known for its game variety and security.

While it's hard to predict the exact future of Alaska's gambling scene, it's possible that the rising popularity of online gambling could influence future legislation. At this point, however, the state maintains a generally conservative stance towards gambling.