Casinos in Alabama: Your Ultimate Guide for 2023

Situated in the Southeastern region of the United States, Alabama has a distinct and evolving landscape for casino gambling. The state is home to a number of tribal and commercial casinos, which are primarily operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. Alabama’s unique legal approach to gambling, with specific laws and regulations surrounding it, has largely shaped the development and operations of these casinos. In the cities of Atmore, Wetumpka, and Montgomery, these casinos have become significant local attractions. As we delve into Alabama’s casino scene, it’s essential to understand how its history, gaming variety, and gambling laws have shaped its present state and are paving the way for its future.

Casinos in Alabama

List of casinos in Alabama 2023

Casino NameLocationOwner/OperatorTypeNotable Features
Wind Creek WetumpkaWetumpkaPoarch Band of Creek IndiansIndian Casino2520 slot machines, live concerts, restaurant, swimming pool
Wind Creek MontgomeryMontgomeryPoarch Band of Creek IndiansIndian CasinoSlots games
Wind Creek AtmoreAtmorePoarch Band of Creek IndiansIndian CasinoSlots games
Center Stage BingoCottonwoodCommercialCommercialBingo games

Here are some additional facts:

  • Alabama casinos are either Indian casinos or commercial casinos. The three Indian casinos are all operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.
  • The betting limit is $10.00 at all Indian casinos.
  • The gambling age is 21+ for all casinos.
  • Gambling winnings in Alabama are subject to personal income tax rates. Winnings exceeding $6,000 could be taxed up to 29%.
  • Casino gambling in Alabama is restricted to slots and electronic bingo games. Table games like poker, roulette, and blackjack are currently not offered.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside Alabama casinos but designated outdoor areas are available for smoking.
  • Drinks are allowed while playing, but no free alcoholic drinks are served.
  • Casinos in Alabama are open 24/7, with some exceptions on holidays like Easter and Christmas.
  • The state of Alabama is currently considering legislation to legalize mobile sports betting and introduce Vegas-style table games at all Poarch Creek venues.

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Atmore

Analysis of Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Atmore

  • Wind Creek Casino & Hotel in Atmore is currently priced at $150, down from $169.
  • The hotel is ranked #1 out of 6 hotels in Atmore, with a rating of 4 out of 5 on Tripadvisor.
  • The hotel has received 956 traveler reviews.
  • The hotel’s location is 303 Poarch Rd, Atmore, AL 36502-6312.
  • The hotel offers several amenities such as free parking, free high-speed internet, a pool, a fitness center, a bar/lounge, a casino and gambling, a game room, and conference facilities.
  • The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a safe, a refrigerator, a flatscreen TV, and room service. Room types include non-smoking rooms, suites, family rooms, and smoking rooms available.
  • Other services include a concierge and room service, along with an on-site pool and breakfast.
  • Nearby attractions include restaurants such as Fire Steakhouse, Waffle House, Grill Cafe, and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen; and Wind Creek Casino.
  • The hotel caters to different traveler types, including families, couples, solo travelers, and business travelers.

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel, Atmore, offers a mix of comfort, convenience, and value, making it a preferred choice for travelers visiting Atmore. The hotel is well-rated and provides an array of amenities and services designed for its guests. Its prime location near various restaurants and attractions adds to its appeal. The varied room options cater to different guest needs and preferences. Based on the reviews, it seems the hotel’s services and amenities generally meet the expectations of the visitors. However, it is essential to note that the experience might vary based on personal preferences and expectations.

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka

Analysis of Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka

  • The Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka is a major attraction in Wetumpka, Alabama.
  • The Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka has received a total of 440 reviews.
  • It’s ranked as the number one attraction out of nine in Wetumpka.
  • User reviews are mixed, with some praising the venue for its great staff, good hotel rooms, and entertainment, while others raise concerns about cleanliness and the lack of winning at the casino.
  • Top nearby attractions include a variety of historical tours, fun & games, and monuments and memorials, with prices ranging from around $6.50 to $550.00.
  • The website provides the address of the venue and nearby restaurants for reference.
  • Users also have the ability to suggest edits to improve the listing.
  • The website also promotes other attractions like the “Sip-n-Cycle Pedal Cruise in Montgomery” and the “Discover Abu Dhabi” campaign.
  • Users express dissatisfaction over not winning at the casino games, cold indoor temperatures, and sub-par food options.
  • Some users report cleanliness issues, such as finding hair in the shower, spider webs, food in the sink, and stained sheets in their hotel room.
  • Positive reviews mention the beauty of the rooms and the view of the river.
  • Other amenities available include rental cars and vacation rentals.

The Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Wetumpka offers a variety of entertainment options, along with accommodation. Despite being rated as the top attraction in Wetumpka, there are mixed user reviews regarding the gaming experience, food options, and room cleanliness. Yet, some users have a positive perception of the staff’s service, the comfort of the rooms, and the views offered. From the analysis, it’s evident that while there are areas that meet visitors’ expectations, the venue could improve in other aspects to enhance the overall visitor experience.

  • Analysis of Wind Creek Casino & Hotel Montgomery
  • The website content is centered around Wind Creek Casino & Hotel, located at 1801 Eddie L Tullis Rd, Montgomery, Alabama.
  • The casino is described as an upscale version of another casino in Wetumka, offering several large rooms with numerous unique slot machines.
  • Customers reported mixed experiences in the reviews, with some appreciating the variety of slot machines and the enjoyable atmosphere, while others critiqued the security measures and the lack of table games.
  • There are specific anecdotes of people winning notable amounts, such as $10,500.
  • The casino occasionally interrupts gameplay for cleaning or collection purposes, a practice that seems unusual to some visitors.
  • The website provides a feature to request information directly from the business, with at least one local user having recently done so.
  • The casino and hotel remain open 24 hours a day and have numerous facilities, including credit card acceptance, Apple Pay compatibility, and free Wi-Fi, though it’s noted to be not suitable for children.
  • Notable reviews highlight both positive and negative aspects, including excellent customer service, clean rooms, pleasant stays, disappointment with restaurant food quality, subpar spa services, social distancing measures due to COVID-19, and customer complaints about the behavior of other patrons.
  • Business responses to negative reviews display a commitment to improving customer experiences.
  • The hotel offers other services like restaurants and a spa.
  • The location is easily accessible, with several other hotels nearby.

The Wind Creek Casino & Hotel, Montgomery, offers a wide range of slot machines and is open 24/7. It caters to diverse customer expectations, with both positive and negative experiences reported. While it demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction, there are areas for potential improvement, particularly regarding food quality, spa services, and managing visitor behavior. Overall, it serves as an upscale gaming and hospitality option with unique offerings, despite occasional customer service challenges.

  • Analysis The Crossing at Big Creek
  • The business is named “The Crossing at Big Creek,” located at 11295 US Hwy 231 S, Cottonwood, Alabama.
  • The Crossing at Big Creek specializes in offering casino services, serving as a venue for events, and operates bingo halls.
  • The business is known for its exceptional customer service and Southern charm.
  • The business has a website,, for more information.
  • The Crossing at Big Creek can be contacted via phone at (334) 316-9300.
  • The establishment is open every day from 11:00 AM to 2:00 AM (next day). These hours were last updated three months ago.
  • Customers usually find The Crossing at Big Creek by searching for “Open Late Cottonwood,” “Bingo Near Me,” “Bingo Halls Near Me,” “Casinos Near Me,” and “Cheap Weekly Rentals Near Me.”

The Crossing at Big Creek is a multifaceted business in Cottonwood, Alabama that provides casino services, event space, and operates bingo halls. It maintains a strong presence with its website and can be easily reached over the phone. The business is open every day from 11 AM to 2 AM of the following day, allowing for extended hours of operation. As a result, it appears as a versatile entertainment option for those looking for late-night activities or event spaces in Cottonwood, Alabama.

History of Alabama Casinos

The history of casinos in Alabama is deeply intertwined with the state’s broader social and legal history. Gambling devices were traditionally prohibited in the state. However, the federal recognition of certain tribes, like the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, enabled them to open and operate casinos within Alabama. These casinos played a pivotal role in the local economy and society, a trend that culminated in the recent opening of a commercial casino.

Indian Casinos

The Poarch Band of Creek Indians established three prominent casinos in Alabama: Wind Creek Atmore, Wind Creek Wetumpka, and Wind Creek Montgomery. These venues offer a range of casino games, dining, and entertainment options, attracting both local residents and tourists. Beyond the economic benefits, these casinos have significantly contributed to the welfare of native communities, offering employment opportunities and funding essential tribal programs.

Commercial Casino

A milestone in Alabama’s gambling history, the state’s first commercial casino represents a shift in the gaming landscape. Unlike tribal casinos, this casino operates under state jurisdiction and offers a diverse range of gaming options, augmenting the variety and competitiveness in the state’s gambling sector.

Casino Gaming in Alabama

Casino Gaming in Alabama

Alabama casinos offer a variety of gambling options to cater to different preferences. From slot machines to table games, visitors can enjoy a diverse range of gaming experiences. The state is also making strides toward authorizing sports wagering agreements, which could further enhance the casino gaming scene.

Slots and Games

Alabama casinos feature a wide selection of slot games, providing ample opportunities for players to try their luck. With a variety of themes, denominations, and game mechanics, slots cater to different playing styles. Some popular slot games include “Wheel of Fortune,” “Buffalo Gold,” and “Cleopatra.” Here is a table showcasing some popular slot games and their providers:

Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Dice and Lottery Games

While slots dominate Alabama’s casino scene, other games such as poker, roulette, blackjack, dice, and lottery games are also available. These games may not be as ubiquitous, but they offer alternative gaming options for players seeking a traditional casino experience.

Sports Betting

Alabama is considering the legalization of mobile sports betting. If implemented, this move would have a significant impact on the gambling scene in the state. It would provide sports enthusiasts with an exciting avenue to place wagers and add a new dimension to the overall casino experience.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) were declared illegal in Alabama by the state’s Attorney General in 2016. However, in May 2019, Alabama passed a bill legalizing DFS games, and Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill into law. Since then, DFS sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel have returned to Alabama. It is now legal to play DFS games in Alabama for sports such as NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS.

Navigating Alabama’s gambling scene requires a comprehensive understanding of the legal aspects surrounding it. These involve the age of gambling, smoking rules, and the taxation of winnings.

Casino Gambling Legalization

The legalization of casino gambling in Alabama occurred in various stages. The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, enacted in 1988, played a vital role in granting federally recognized tribes the right to operate casinos. This legislation marked a turning point for the casino industry in Alabama.

Legal Gambling Age

In Alabama, the legal gambling age varies depending on the type of casino. For commercial casinos, the minimum age to gamble is typically 21 years old. However, for Indian casinos, the minimum age requirement is 18 years old, allowing a broader demographic to enjoy casino gaming.

Taxation of Winnings

When it comes to taxation, Alabama imposes both state and federal taxes on gambling winnings. The state applies a tax rate of 5% on net winnings from games played in Alabama casinos, while federal taxes are levied based on the individual’s tax bracket. It is essential for players to familiarize themselves with the applicable tax regulations to ensure compliance.

Future of Alabama Casinos

Looking ahead, Alabama’s gambling scene holds potential for further growth and development. Various factors, including the introduction of new casinos and potential changes to gambling laws, could shape the future landscape of the industry.

Expected New Casinos

Plans for new casinos in Alabama are currently speculative. While there is potential for growth, new establishments must navigate a complex regulatory landscape before their doors can open.

Changes to Gambling Laws

The possible legalization of mobile sports betting and the introduction of a state lottery could significantly transform Alabama’s gambling scene. If passed, these changes could further diversify the gaming options available, attract a broader spectrum of players, and boost state revenues.

Wind Creek Casino

Wind Creek Casino

Among the most popular casinos in Alabama are the three Wind Creek casinos, all owned and operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians, the only federally recognized tribe in the state. These casinos, located in Wetumpka, Montgomery, and Atmore, are popular gambling venues in Alabama and are noted for their vast selection of gaming machines.

VictoryLand and Its Stance with Alabama Law

VictoryLand and Its Stance with Alabama Law

One of the most noteworthy land-based casinos in Alabama, VictoryLand in Macon County, has had a tumultuous history. With an assortment of electronic bingo machines, VictoryLand was once one of the largest casinos in the state. However, in recent years, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled against the casino, determining that its electronic bingo machines were illegal according to Alabama law. Despite these setbacks, VictoryLand continues to operate and remains a key player in Alabama’s gambling scene.

Birmingham and the Quest for a Casino

Despite being the largest city in Alabama, Birmingham currently does not have a casino. However, with the push for further expansion of the casino industry within the state, it remains a potential casino location. The development of a casino in Birmingham would significantly change the gaming scene in Alabama, offering residents and visitors a chance to enjoy casino resorts closer to the city center.

Casinos in Alabama, like the Wind Creek Atmore and the VictoryLand Casino, primarily offer Class II video gaming machines, which include games like bingo and non–banked card games. Currently, Alabama law prohibits Class III Vegas-style slot machines and table games such as blackjack, roulette, and craps. However, an ongoing push from the public in Alabama and potential legislative changes could pave the way for the introduction of these popular gambling games in the future.

Alabama Supreme Court and its Impact on the Casino Industry

Alabama Supreme Court and its Impact on the Casino Industry

The Alabama Supreme Court has played a pivotal role in shaping the state’s casino landscape. One landmark decision was the ruling against the operation of electronic bingo machines at VictoryLand. Although there are ongoing debates, any changes to these regulations will have a significant impact on the operation and variety of games offered in Alabama’s casinos.

Online Gambling in Alabama

Online gambling, including online casinos, poker, and sports betting, remains illegal in Alabama. However, state lawmakers, along with the Alabama State Senate, are considering the legalization of sports betting, potentially ushering in a new era of gaming in Alabama.


Casinos in Alabama provide a vibrant and ever-evolving gambling experience within the framework of the state’s unique laws and regulations. From the rich history of Indian casinos to the recent introduction of a commercial casino, Alabama offers a diverse range of gaming options. 

Visitors can enjoy a wide array of slot games, as well as poker, roulette, blackjack, dice, and lottery games. The future of Alabama’s casino industry holds promise, with the potential for new casinos and changes to gambling laws. As the state navigates the path ahead, the allure of Alabama casinos continues to captivate both locals and tourists, promising excitement and entertainment for years to come.


FAQs about Casinos in Alabama

Alabama has tribal casinos, like Wind Creek Casino Wetumpka, and commercial casinos, such as VictoryLand. The state is home to three Indian casinos, all operated by the Poarch Band of Creek Indians.

 Currently, casinos in Alabama primarily offer Class II video gaming machines. These include bingo and non–banked card games. Traditional Vegas-style slot machines and table games are not allowed under Alabama law.

As of now, online casinos and sports betting are illegal in Alabama. However, the Alabama State Senate is considering changes to the law that could potentially legalize online sports betting.

Due to Alabama’s regulations, casinos are not required to release information about the payback percentages of their gaming machines.

No, currently, Alabama law prohibits Vegas-style slot machines and table games. Wind Creek Casinos, like other casinos in the state, offer Class II video gaming machines.