Arkansas Daily Fantasy Sports: Master & Conquer the 2023 Scene

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) are online games where participants assemble virtual teams of real players from a professional sport. These teams then compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games. DFS have gained significant traction across the United States, with the biggest Arkansas Daily Fantasy Sports platforms gaining thousands of active users. In Arkansas, DFS is completely legal and widely popular, attracting a broad range of sports enthusiasts due to the excitement and competitive spirit it brings to sports fandom.

Arkansas, known for its passion for sports, has embraced this form of fantasy sports with open arms, providing a platform for its residents to engage in their favorite pastime while potentially earning from their knowledge and prediction skills. The legality and popularity of DFS in Arkansas has positioned the state as a forerunner in the DFS arena.

Arkansas Daily Fantasy Sports

Essential Features of Daily Fantasy Sports in Arkansas

  • 📜 Legal Status: Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has been legal in Arkansas since April 2017. 
  • 🏈 Popular Sports: The most popular sports for DFS in Arkansas include NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. 
  • 🎓 College Sports: Betting on college sports leagues like the NCAA division is allowed in Arkansas. The University of Arkansas’ Razorbacks Football team is a popular choice among bettors.
  • 🗓️ Legislation Timeline: Arkansas has seen various gambling-related laws enacted since 2004, including the legalization of DFS in 2017 and live table games in casinos in 2018.
  • 🎂 Legal Age: Players must be over 18 years old to play DFS and over 21 to gamble at casinos in Arkansas.
  • 📱 Mobile Apps: Most major DFS operators have created mobile apps for betting, offering a convenient way for users to participate.
  • 💵 Taxes: Winnings from DFS are subject to federal taxes in Arkansas at a rate of 25%.
  • 🏛️ Upcoming Regulations: While current DFS regulations in Arkansas are quite liberal, future changes might occur, potentially in relation to tax revenue generated from DFS.

The Emergence of Daily Fantasy Sports in Arkansas

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) holds a unique and significant place in the history of Arkansas, as it was the first state to officially legalize these activities in 2017. The decision marked a progressive step for the state and has had numerous economic implications, most notably in relation to taxation. Currently, all DFS activities in Arkansas are subject to an 8% tax rate, which contributes to the state’s revenue and provides economic benefits.
The journey toward the legalization of sports betting in Arkansas gained momentum following the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in 2018. This federal law had effectively banned sports betting in most states for over two decades. Its repeal opened the doors for individual states to legalize sports betting at their discretion. Arkansas, demonstrating its progressive stance towards sports gambling, was quick to capitalize on this opportunity.
In November 2018, a constitutional amendment allowing the introduction of legal sports betting was approved by a majority of Arkansas voters. This development signified the state’s commitment to expanding its gambling options, aligning with the evolving preferences of its residents.
The legalization of sports betting in Arkansas has offered sports enthusiasts an exciting new way to engage with their favorite sports. It allows them to leverage their knowledge and predictive skills to potentially earn winnings, enhancing the overall sporting experience in the state. This move, coupled with the taxation of DFS activities, has brought a fresh source of revenue to Arkansas, further bolstering the state’s economy.

Historical Overview

A chronological representation of the significant events related to DFS legislation in Arkansas provides a concise view of the evolution of this industry in the state. Below is a table highlighting these milestones

2017Legalization of DFS in ArkansasArkansas became the first state in the United States to legalize Daily Fantasy Sports, opening a new chapter in the sports entertainment sector.
2017Enactment of Act 1075Act 1075 was signed into law, establishing an 8% tax rate on DFS activity. This act set a precedent for DFS taxation, balancing both the growth of the industry and the state’s fiscal interests.
2017-PresentOngoing Regulatory RevisionsTo ensure fair play and maintain the health of the DFS industry, Arkansas has undertaken regular revisions to the laws. These amendments aim to improve regulatory practices, bolster player protection, and foster a competitive DFS market.

The proactivity demonstrated by Arkansas in embracing and regulating DFS sets a valuable model for other states. It represents a comprehensive approach, integrating taxation, legality, and ongoing regulation to create a sustainable and beneficial DFS landscape.

DFS in Arkansas spans a diverse range of sports leagues. However, the most popular DFS among Arkansans are centered around the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and college sports, particularly the University of Arkansas’ Arkansas Razorbacks Football team.

Daily Fantasy NFL

NFL Daily Fantasy

NFL Daily Fantasy is widely popular among Arkansans. It involves creating a virtual team of real NFL players and earning points based on their real-world performance. As each player’s performance in actual games determines the points, it’s crucial for participants to study the game, players, and strategies comprehensively.

Daily Fantasy NBA

NBA Daily Fantasy

NBA Daily Fantasy in Arkansas follows similar rules to NFL Fantasy. Participants create their virtual NBA team, choosing from a pool of real NBA players. The player’s real-life statistical performance determines the points earned in the fantasy game, adding an element of research and strategy to the game.

Daily Fantasy MLB

MLB Daily Fantasy

Arkansas’ love for baseball translates into a large participation rate in MLB Daily Fantasy. Here, participants choose their virtual team from real MLB players, with their actual game statistics determining the points for the fantasy team. The unpredictability of baseball games adds an exciting twist to the fantasy sport.


NHL Daily Fantasy

NHL Daily Fantasy is a big hit in Arkansas, with a large number of hockey enthusiasts participating. The process and scoring are the same as the other sports, with participants’ fantasy teams gaining points based on the real-world performance of the chosen NHL players.

Arkansas Razorbacks

College Fantasy Sport – The Razorbacks

In addition to professional sports leagues, college fantasy sports are also immensely popular in Arkansas. The University of Arkansas’ Arkansas Razorbacks Football team is a particular favorite among fantasy players in the state. Engaging in college fantasy sports allows fans to support their local teams while experiencing the thrill of fantasy competition. Let’s explore the popularity of college fantasy sports, focusing on the Arkansas Razorbacks Football team.

Arkansas Sports Betting Scene

Beyond the domain of Daily Fantasy Sports, Arkansas has been making strides in the realm of legal sports betting. Since the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in 2018, Arkansas sports betting was approved, becoming a reality for passionate sports enthusiasts across the state. The move came as a welcome addition to the sports entertainment scene, further diversifying the gambling options available to Arkansans.

Arkansas sports betting, supervised by the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, enables participants to wager on their favorite sports, ranging from professional leagues to college sports. This has been a significant development, given the state’s rich sporting culture and widespread interest in events such as football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, among others.

Betting Locations in Arkansas

Arkansas offers multiple betting locations across the state where participants can place their bets on various sports events. These include casinos and racetracks, which have been authorized to conduct sports betting under Arkansas law. The ability to place bets at these physical locations adds an exciting layer of real-world interaction to the sports betting experience.

While online sports betting is not yet available in the state, AR online presence is primarily marked by Daily Fantasy Sports platforms. However, with the constant evolution of gambling laws and the evident popularity of sports betting, online sports betting in Arkansas could become a reality in the future.

Gross Paid Fantasy Sports Game

Arkansas legislation defines the gross paid fantasy sports game as the amount paid by all fantasy sports game operators for all fantasy sports games, less the amount of cash or cash equivalents paid out to authorized players. This definition plays a significant role in taxation, as the 8% tax rate applied to DFS activities in Arkansas is calculated based on the gross paid fantasy sports game.

This definition emphasizes the state’s commitment to maintaining a fair and transparent DFS industry, where tax obligations are clearly outlined and enforced, contributing to the state’s revenue.

Arkansas has positioned itself as a leading example of a state with a robust and comprehensive legal framework for DFS. Apart from being one of the first states to legalize DFS, it has also laid down clear-cut regulations for participation, ensuring the activity remains within the bounds of law and ethics. A significant aspect of these regulations includes the enforcement of a minimum age requirement to safeguard the interests of younger demographics.

Moreover, compared to other states, Arkansas adopts a more accepting legal stance on DFS, which can be attributed to the state’s broad understanding of the economic potential and recreational value of DFS.

Legal Status of DFSDFS is completely legal in Arkansas, courtesy of the early legislative action taken by the state government.
Minimum Age RequirementTo participate in DFS in Arkansas, one must be at least 18 years old. This is strictly enforced to prevent underage gambling and protect minors.
RegulationsThere are robust regulations in place to ensure fairness, transparency, and ethical conduct in DFS. The state authorities regularly review and revise these to keep up with the evolving landscape of DFS.
TaxationDFS activities in Arkansas are subject to an 8% tax rate under Act 1075, creating a revenue stream for the state while promoting a healthy DFS industry.

This forward-thinking approach and comprehensive legal framework not only promotes fair play and security in DFS but also boosts Arkansas’s reputation as an accepting and adaptable state in the face of evolving digital entertainment formats.

DFS Betting Age

The legal age for participating in DFS in Arkansas is 18 years old. The state has stringent laws against underage gambling, with severe penalties in place to deter and punish such activities.


Daily fantasy sports has become an integral part of the sports culture in Arkansas, offering an interactive and thrilling experience for fans. Arkansas’s role as the first state to legalize DFS in 2017 showcases the state’s progressive approach to fantasy sports. With various popular sports leagues and the ever-increasing popularity of college fantasy sports, Arkansans have numerous opportunities to indulge in their passion for sports and competition. 

Whether it’s building fantasy rosters for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or supporting the Arkansas Razorbacks, DFS enthusiasts in Arkansas can immerse themselves in an exciting world of virtual sports competition. So, why not explore the world of Arkansas daily fantasy sports and join the thousands of passionate fans already enjoying this thrilling experience?



Yes, sports betting is legal in Arkansas. It was legalized in 2018 following the repeal of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.

While physical sports betting at casinos and racetracks is permitted in Arkansas, online sports betting is not currently available in the state as of the cutoff. However, residents can participate in online Daily Fantasy Sports games.

You must be 21 years old or over to participate in sports betting in Arkansas.

The Department of Finance and Administration oversees sports betting in Arkansas.

Gross paid fantasy sports game in Arkansas refers to the amount paid by all fantasy sports game operators for all fantasy sports games, less the amount of cash or cash equivalents paid out to authorized players. This amount is subject to an 8% tax rate.

The popular sports for betting in Arkansas include NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and college sports, particularly the University of Arkansas' Razorbacks Football team.